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To The Hilliard Lacrosse Community,


Today we are excited to introduce the next chapter in the story of youth lacrosse in the City of Hilliard.  Many of the volunteers who have been involved with organizing Hilliard’s youth lacrosse program (HYLA) in previous years, along with some new faces, have recently joined with the Hilliard Optimist Club to bring a new model for youth lacrosse to Hilliard.   Today, we are announcing the creation of the Hilliard Optimists Youth Lacrosse League.


For over 50 years the Hilliard Optimist Club has been providing quality programs for children in the Hilliard City School District.  The mission of the Hilliard Optimist Club is to foster the development of athletic and academic skills which strengthen inner core values, principles, encourage ability in leadership, fair play and teamwork in a fun, rewarding, and memorable experience.  To further this mission, the Hilliard Optimists offer Football, Basketball and Cheerleading in the fall and winter months.  Along with essay and oratorical competitions, being able to offer a sport like lacrosse in the spring not only serves to strengthen the mission, but to increase the visibility and success off the fastest growing sport in the United States, right here in our own back yard.  


In the coming days and weeks, you’ll be seeing additional information as we prepare for the 2017 lacrosse season.  We are extremely excited for this opportunity to bring to you the best lacrosse experience in Central Ohio.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me or one of the lacrosse board members.



Kevin Sayers

Director, Hilliard Optimists Youth Lacrosse



Mike Shivers

Optimists Sports Director


Hilliard Optimists Youth Lacrosse Board Members: 

Dave Ames

Mike Bober 

Dan Blevins

John Dela Rosa

Elizabeth Dela Rosa

Bear Davis

Tim Gilligan

Chrisha House

Cricket Miller

Alan Rill

Ty Schweitzer



Current and Future Coaches - LEVEL 1 COACHES CLINIC !!

The Central Ohio Chapter of US Lacrosse will be sponsoring a Level 1 coaches clinic on October 16th from 9am-4pm at Gahana Middle School South. 

The Level 1 curriculum covers many areas, including the responsibilities and philosophies of coaching, how to provide a safe and athlete-centered environment that emphasizes positive growth and sportsmanship, and the tools to teach rules, basic individual skills, and basic team concepts to players of all ages.  This training is relevant for all lacrosse coaches, regardless of experience.

The Central Ohio Chapter of USLacrosse is committed to the education and development of coaches and will subsidize half the clinic cost for USL members, bringing the cost down to $37.50.  In addition, the Chapter will also offer a partial reimbursement to the first 50 USL member registrations upon completion of the clinic. 

You can register online through the USL website at:






  • Don't forget to keep tabs on our 'Special Events/Camps' page. We are adding more camps for the summer al the time. many will fill up fast so check them out and get registered.
  • PARENTS. Check out this article from the US Lacrosse magazine. This is a must read. "Five Big Things Every Lacrosse Parent Should Know". Click on the title to read.
  • Check out the 'More Improvements' page (under Improvements tab). This contains links to articles that contain all sorts of tips, excercises etc., for both players and coaches. We are adding more every time as information comes available.
  • HYLA NEEDS YOUR HELP to keep lacrosse strong in Hilliard.   Please consider giving back by committing to help.  If you cannot volunteer consider a financial contribution.  Contact any board member by email on the CONTACTS page.
  • HYLA WINDOW STICKERS now available for only $3.00. Promote HYLA where ever you go. See below for image.




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