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  22nd Annual Ohio Cup 
Youth Lacrosse Tournament

JUNE 3 - 4, 2017

Boys and Girls Rules



We will be following US Lacrosse U13 rules

1) All games will be 20 minute halves with running clock

2) One timeout per half.

3) 3 long poles on field



We will be following US Lacrosse U11 rules with following expections:

                   1. Time Outs will be one per game (clock will stop for 2 min.)

                   2. Overtime periods until you have a sudden death winner. 4 minute sudden  

                       death period with stopped clock first overtime period will start after a one

                       minute break - do not switch ends. If no winner at the end of the first

                       period. Take a 2 minutes rest, switch ends and then go again until you

                       have a winner.

                   3. Mandatory 2 min water break at approx. 10 minutes into each half on a

                       dead ball; if temp is 85 or over.


 Code of Conduct

The Ohio Cup adopts the guidelines of the Ohio Middle School Lacrosse Association [OMSLA] governing the conduct of coaches, players and spectators at the tournament.  All participants are expected to comply.