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This page and others within are for information to all of our coaches. we will use these pages to supply all the latest information from the HYLA Board to our coaches to keep them informed of all 'goings on'.


HYLA requires a background check for all of our coaches. There MUST be at least the Head Coach and one Assistant Coach of every team with a completed check. Also at practices and games, at least one coach with a background check must be in attendance at all times. If you are first a parent of a player, proceed to the regular registration process. This will get your name and information onto our database. Then, once discussed with our commissioners as to coaching, you can go to the Coaches Registration option. From there, you will be directed to the NCSI website for starting the background check. PLEASE, only start the background checks from our website and not directly from their website.

The background check is done through the company NCSI, the National Center for Safety Initiatives. The cost for this check will be absorbed by HYLA and will be good for two years. NCSI will do a second check after one year. These two checks are all part of our negotiated arrangement with the company. Upon completion of the preliminary pages, you will be returned a completion certificate page. Please print this page off and supply a copy to the HYLA board for our records. There is no private information displayed on this page.

Within this check, your personal information IS NOT given or seen by HYLA. NCSI returns to us a 'pass/fail or pending' result. HYLA will be privy to some, very limited, details of a pending or failed result. This is so HYLA can make a determination as to whether the reason is of a valid concern to our program and the safety of our child participants. The viewing of this information will be limited to one or two individuals and will be held in the utmost confidentiality. At no point will this ever be divulged to anyone else.

If you, as a coach, have any concerns about taking a background check and feel there may be an issue, please first contact the President of the organization and discuss this. Again, all discussions are of the utmost confidentiality and will not be shared amongst all the board members.

We do have a few of our coaches that are also coaches in one of the local school systems. These coaches have had to go through not only this type of background check BUT have also had to have a FBI check also. These background checks have typically been paid for out of their own pockets. For these coaches, all HYLA asks for is a copy of their completion certificate to have on file. They do not have to take this background check.


We are also asking that our coaches be members of US Lacrosse. This membership is a one year membership with an associated fee of $50.00. We ask that you as a coach, pay for this out-of-pocket. This membership has many benefits. The first is the liability coverage that it gives you as a coach. This liability coverage is $2 million per instance, $6 million aggregate. There is also a supplemental accident coverage for you if you were injured in the course of coaching lacrosse. For all the benefits of membership, visit the US lacrosse site at the following:  http://www.uslacrosse.org/TopNav/Membership/USLacrosseMembership.aspx

As you progress through the Coaches Registration process, you will be directed to the US Lacrosse site to register and pay your membership fee.


The Governor of Ohio just signed into law, a concussions bill relating to all youth sports. The State has not yet published any specific guidelines that we as an organization are to abide by. Once this information has been published, will will distribute any and all information.

So we are pro-active, we are asking that all our coaches take a FREE, half hour class offered by the CDC. Upon completion of this class there is a 'Certificate of Completion' that we ask you print off and supply to the HYLA board. Based upon the law, we as an organization, will be required to have all our coaches and staff educated in the signs of a concussion and the rules we must abide as to our actions if a possible concussion has occurred. HYLA will be defining procedures prior to the season starting and will be distributed to all our coaching staff.

Below is the class location. We will also be encouraging all our parents to take the class so they too have the education. We think this will also assist our coaches when explaining to a parent that their child must sit out for 24 hours or need a Doctors signed release before we will allow their child to participate again. All of these stipulations are part of the bill signed into law.

Concussions Class:   http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/online_training.html

Thank you